Friday, April 28, 2017

The Metaphysics of Value 2

The Metaphysics of Quality
in a lot of ways,
speak to the conflict
America has always had
with itself

So I will not take away
from that;
I will celebrate that

Intimations of Quality
have always been best described
as a fickle bitch
so I instead
direct your attention
to something else,
the Metaphysics of Value

Value is different
from Quality
in that it brooks
no exterior judgment

It is an entirely
internal affair

That is why
Robert Pirsig
if he doubted his Quality
always had Value


  1. Love this one! Especially that you brought Robert Pirsig into it.

    1. Thanks. This will be suspended, by the way, until I finish a different project, which should mean for a few weeks, maybe return as early as next week. We'll see.