Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Waking the Sandman 22

so I said to the Sandman,
it's your fault
that bad books exist,
that people die,
that space and time
are torn asunder

it's all your fault,
Mister Sandman,
all your fault
and you have
nothing to say
for yourself
so don't even try
don't send any dreams
I don't believe dreams
not anymore
they're all bullshit
countries are torn apart
they're fiction anyway
and they have no concept
of morality
no sense of dignity
a language they never learned anyway
like me
so I guess I'm like you
in a way
which is a strange thing to admit
which I guess means
I'm the Sandman, too...

tomorrow is another day
the same day
as yesterday
and so the topic will change
will stay the same
will evolve a little, maybe

we'll learn if anything
has any Value