Wednesday, March 8, 2017


exists at a level
such as you don't realize
how important it is
until you think about it,
how it's the glue that holds
everything together,
and is far easier to see
once you stop looking for it,
like the air you breathe,
or the nourishment you take,
or sleeping,
or finding love

comes to think of it,
is a lot like love;
you know it by its absence,
you know when it is corrupt,
you know when it's hollow,
you know when you feel it

Morality is love,
perfect love,
the ability to find peace
in the midst of chaos,
the eye of the storm,
order when there seems to be none,
the natural balance of existence,
protecting that which needs protecting,
protected and cherished


An animal kills to survive,
and we are all animals
and we are all processing the world around us,
creating it anew every day,
except some of us are cursed to think,
to consider the impact we have;

Morality is the ability to accept
that which we cannot change
but still hold it accountable;
it is judgment without error,
that elusive element
thought lost from the world
yet at the center of all things


To consider morality
is to risk everything,
like love,
to reach and fall,
to fail,
to fail and fail endlessly fail,
because that is what makes life

Wouldn't you say?

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